Book Release in November

Readings Scheduled in Florida and Arizona

September 2, 2016

Tags: Fiction, Southwestern literature, Climate Change, Sonoran Desert, Tucson

I am starting to schedule readings and book sales, and book club reading and discussion events. See Events page on this site.

Threshold takes place in the "very near future" and is thus relevant for Tucson, Phoenix and many other major Southwestern cities in the U.S. Current concerns about the long-term drought and persistent heat are important aspects of Threshold's story. However, I bring it down to everyday experience: how changing climate affects people, young and old, as they go about living their lives. The characters are dealing with the impacts: a climate scientist struggles to move the "powers that be" to act strategically; a conservative businessman comes to terms with his denial of what is happening; two biologists struggle to protect the animals under their care, and three youths are growing up in the midst of it all.