Book Release in November

Readings Scheduled in Florida and Arizona

September 2, 2016

Tags: Fiction, Southwestern literature, Climate Change, Sonoran Desert, Tucson

I am starting to schedule readings and book sales, and book club reading and discussion events. See Events page on this site.

Threshold takes place in the "very near future" and is thus relevant for Tucson, Phoenix and many other major Southwestern cities in the U.S. Current concerns about the long-term drought and (more…)

Water for the West in Question

June 7, 2016

Tags: Plans to permanently open Glen Canyon Dam point to water emergency in the West

"When Glen Canyon Dam was built in the middle of the last century, giant dam projects promised to elevate the American West above its greatest handicap a perennial shortage of water. These monolithic wonders of engineering would bring wild rivers to heel, produce cheap, clean power and stockpile water necessary to grow a thriving (more…)

The Temperature is Risin'

March 25, 2016

Tags: The Southwest is Ground Zero for Climate Change

Recent scientific studies in the Tucson region show a significant increase in average temperatures, and decrease in average precipitation. (more…)